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Why New Leaf Associates?

Why hire us as your Green Industry consultant?

If taking your business to the next level is your goal, it will require an experienced person and commitment as a leader to lead your team in change.

Your investment in time and resourcesIf you think professional services are expensive, mistakes and management ignorance are 10 fold as expensive. The longer you’re not at the top of your game, maximizing your potential the farther behind you get!

I am contemplating hiring a business consultant. How can I get the most out of the relationship?”

It’s a big decision to hire a business consultant. It’s daunting a first asking a stranger someone to come in and critique your business. Additionally if not, it can be expensive. I hired my first business consultant back in the early 2000’s career and I vividly recall being anxious about finding the right person and whether it was worth the money. Having sold my business after 25 years, I can say it was some of the best money I ever spent!

Be candid with yourself. What is holding you back?  It may be that you are “unsure what your next steps are.” Or, “I cannot seem to get over my current sales plateau or you feel you are working harder and making less money!”

Whatever the circumstance, identify the challengers, issues or vision you’d feel a consultant can help you with.

There are many different types of consultants.

  • Business consultants

  • Leadership and personal coaching

  • Operations consultants

  • Marketing and sales consultants,

  • HR consultants

  • IT consultants


Steve's area of expertise covers these particular area of concern as they pertain to the landscape industry. This means the learning curve will be greatly reduced since Steve already understands real-world green industry specific issues.

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