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Irrigation Track: Selling Beyond Single Head Repairs

When: Wed, Jan. 29,2020 at 1:00 pm

Where: Green and Grow'n 20, Greensboro, NC

Why: This session will develop the contractor's knowledge of selling beyond single head repairs. Contractors will save their clients money, whereby conserving water resources and adding revenue!

Creating a win-win is what we should be striving for as a contractor. Watching out for our

client's best interest and giving added value while still producing income is advantageous for both! During this Irrigation Track presentation, Steve develops a third element to your irrigation business model to integrate for added and necessary upgrades, optimizations, and retrofits. In turn, this process saves the client's money in unnecessary water bills while conserving water and adding an additional revenue stream to the bottom line for the contractor. Learn how to invest one extra hour with multiple dollar returns!

If you're interested in learning more innovative techniques like this presentation, Steve has several topics for educational seminars to present to your team or local and state associations. Steve also does one-on-one mentoring for irrigation, lawn, and landscape contractors. Contact New Leaf Associates today to learn more about how to upgrade your green industry business, whereby making it profitable and viable for the next decade and beyond!

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